Boost Social Media Followers on WordPress Site

Increasing your social media following is crucial for any online business, blog, or website. It helps to attract new and returning readers, customers, and clients. However, building a fan base on social media can be challenging and time-consuming. In this article, we will discuss some effective strategies to increase your social media follows from your WordPress site.

Basic Strategies to Increase Social Media Follows

Before we dive into advanced strategies, it’s important to ensure that you have implemented some basic strategies to increase your social media follows. These include:

1. Add Social Follow Buttons: Place social follow buttons in a prominent position on your site, such as in the sidebar. Use a free WordPress plugin like Follow Buttons by AddThis to add social buttons for the social media channels of your choice.

2. Display Social Share Buttons: Add social share buttons above or below every piece of content on your site to encourage visitors to share your content on social media. Use a free WordPress plugin like Floating Social Bar from WPBeginner to add a floating social bar to your pages or posts.

3. Make Content Tweetable: Use a free WordPress plugin like Better Click to Tweet to insert click-to-tweet boxes into your posts. Select stand-out quotes from your blogs to make them tweetable and gain new Twitter followers.

4. Showcase Social Feeds: Use a premium plugin like WordPress Social Stream to create social feeds for each of your social networks or combine all your social network feeds into one social stream.

Advanced Strategies to Increase Social Media Follows

Now that you have implemented the basic strategies, let’s look at some advanced strategies to increase your social media follows:

1. Automating Your Social Media Content: Consistently sharing high-quality content from your WordPress website on your social media channels is important. Use social media management tools like CoSchedule to automate all your social postings and keep your social media networks up-to-date.

2. Adding Social Media Pop-ups to Your WordPress Website: Use social media pop-ups on your WordPress website to increase your social media follows. OptinMonster is a lead generation software that can help you grow your social media following by using pop-ups on your site. Always think carefully about where and when to display a pop-up to avoid upsetting your audience.

3. Displaying a Hello Bar: Use a hello bar to promote your social media channels and encourage follows. SumoMe is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to add a hello bar to your website. You have control over when and where the smart bar is displayed, and if you upgrade to SumoMe Pro, you can add tracking and conversion pixels to your bar.

4. Content Lockers and Social Media: Use content lockers on your WordPress website to increase your social media follows. Ninja Popups is a premium WordPress popup plugin that allows you to add social media content lockers to your site. Hide information that your audience wants, such as popular blog posts, images, videos, or discount codes, and require them to follow you on social media to access it.

Final Thoughts

To increase your social media follows, it’s important to monitor your site’s analytics and track the outcomes of different strategies. Although all of the methods in this article can be effective ways to increase your social media follows, ultimately you need to find what works for your audience. Implement these strategies on your WordPress website and watch your social media following grow.

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