WordPress to Digg-Like Site Conversion

Unfortunately, the Community Links Plugin is no longer available. However, social bookmarking and social voting have become increasingly popular in recent years, with new sites appearing regularly for various niches. If you’re interested in creating your own social bookmarking site, why not consider using WordPress?

There are many voting extensions available for WordPress, but most are simply extensions of a theme. This can be a clumsy way to implement a social voting feature. However, the Community Links Plugin was a premium plugin that worked independently from any theme. This meant that it could be added to any WordPress-powered site, making it easy to implement on all your websites and blogs.

The plugin came with many template files that could be easily modified to change the look of the plugin pages. There were also dozens of helper functions, action and filter hooks, which allowed advanced developers to extend and customize virtually every element and detail.

One of the great things about this social voting plugin was that it took advantage of WordPress 3.0 features to provide a more consistent and user-friendly interface. Adding new categories, tags, and items to the navigation menu was easy and painless.

The Community Links Plugin also integrated with Akismet and ReCAPTCHA, making it easy to moderate user submissions. It came with a customizable user area and a support team to help with any problems you may encounter.

Another fantastic feature was Facebook integration. Visitors could log in using their Facebook account, eliminating the registration barrier and encouraging them to contribute even more. Users could submit content to your site, which would be displayed on their Facebook news feed (if permissions were granted), increasing your exposure.

If you’re interested in activating and integrating social voting features into your existing WordPress installation, there are still many options available. By allowing your visitors to contribute links, votes, and comments, you can increase community interactions and engagement. Moderating user submissions is easy within your admin panel, and customizing everything on the front-end is simple with the right templates.

Connecting with Facebook is also a great way to encourage users to interact with your site. By allowing them to log in and interact using their Facebook account, you can eliminate the registration barrier and make it easier for them to contribute. While the Community Links Plugin may no longer be available, there are still many options available for creating a social voting site using WordPress.

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