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If you’re a web designer or developer, you may find yourself wanting to start over with a clean slate on your WordPress site. Whether you’re testing out a new theme or checking the compatibility of plugins, resetting your WordPress database can save you time and effort. Instead of manually deleting data bit by bit, you can use the Advanced WordPress Reset plugin to quickly put your site back to its original state.

The Advanced WordPress Reset plugin is a free tool that cleans out all the users, blog posts, store products, portfolio items, and other data you may have added to your WordPress installation. It also deletes all accompanying media files, comments, taxonomies, ratings, and more. However, it does not delete your installed themes and plugins – it simply deactivates them.

To get started with the Advanced WordPress Reset plugin, log into your WordPress installation and navigate to Plugins > Add New. Search for “database reset” and look for the Advanced WordPress Reset plugin. Click the button to install and activate the plugin.

Once the plugin is active, you’ll see an Advanced WP Reset option under Tools. Click on this option to reset your site. Keep in mind that this plugin will delete all of your users (except for the admin), posts, pages, staff, portfolio items, and everything else. If you simply want to clean up your current WordPress installation without deleting everything, we suggest using a plugin such as the Advanced Database Cleaner.

To confirm that you want to reset your website, type in the word “reset” and click the big blue Reset database button. After confirming your reset, you should see a note that it was successful. Your website will now be like a brand new installation, with the default WordPress “Hello World!” post and “Sample Page” back in place.

Your site will also revert to the current default WordPress theme, but all of your themes and plugins should still be installed. The Advanced WordPress Reset plugin simply deactivates them.

Overall, the Advanced WordPress Reset plugin is a great tool for web designers and developers who need to start over with a clean slate. Just be sure to use it on a single WordPress installation and remember that it will delete all of your content. For live sites where you want to keep your content, the Advanced Database Cleaner plugin is a much better choice.

If you have any questions about resetting your WordPress database or using the Advanced WordPress Reset plugin, let us know in the comments below!

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