WooCommerce 8.3: Default Cart, Checkout, and Order Confirmation Blocks on New Installs

WooCommerce 8.3: Introducing Block-Based Checkout Flow

WooCommerce, the popular e-commerce platform for WordPress, has released version 8.3, which brings significant changes to the checkout process. The new default checkout flow for new installations now features Cart, Checkout, and Order Confirmation blocks, marking a major milestone in WooCommerce’s transition towards a block-first checkout experience.

The release of version 8.3 was slightly delayed to ensure compatibility with the latest changes in WordPress 6.4 and the upcoming PHP 8.3 release scheduled for November 23, 2023. Additionally, developers were given time to prepare their extensions for the new reality of cart and checkout blocks as the default. An FAQ document has been provided to guide developers on making their extensions compatible.

For developers with extensions that do not work with the new default blockified checkout, it is encouraged to declare their plugins incompatible. This allows WooCommerce to display a message to users in the settings sidebar. However, plugins that do not extend the cart and checkout flow do not require any action.

Existing stores are not impacted by the change to cart and checkout blocks becoming the default. However, merchants can easily opt into the new experience using WooCommerce’s migration tool located at WooCommerce > Status > Tools > Create Pages. This tool automatically generates new pages with a block-based checkout flow. It’s important to note that the blockified Order Confirmation template is currently only available to stores using block themes.

In addition to the changes in the checkout process, WooCommerce 8.3 brings several other notable improvements:

1. Themes added to the revamped WooCommerce > Extensions marketplace: The marketplace now includes a wider selection of themes to enhance the appearance and functionality of online stores.

2. Improved marketplace search: Finding extensions in the marketplace is now easier with enhanced search functionality.

3. Mobile app onboarding improved: The onboarding process for the WooCommerce mobile app no longer requires Jetpack, simplifying the setup for merchants.

4. Optimized images: Images in the WooCommerce package have been optimized to reduce the overall package size, improving performance and loading times.

The development of WooCommerce 8.3 involved the contributions of 96 contributors, resulting in 682 commits to the core plugin and an additional 231 commits from WooCommerce blocks. This collaborative effort has led to numerous fixes, tweaks, and enhancements. For a more detailed look at the changes included in this release, refer to the changelog on GitHub.

In conclusion, WooCommerce 8.3 introduces a block-first checkout experience with Cart, Checkout, and Order Confirmation blocks as the default for new installations. While existing stores are not affected, merchants can easily migrate to the new checkout flow using the provided migration tool. The release also brings improvements to the marketplace, mobile app onboarding, and image optimization. With these updates, WooCommerce continues to evolve and provide a seamless e-commerce solution for WordPress users.

Image source: FAQ: Cart and Checkout Blocks by Default

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