An in-depth look at DECODE 2024: WP Engine’s highly anticipated developer conference.

WP Engine, a leading provider of WordPress products and managed hosting, is gearing up for their highly anticipated developer conference, DE{CODE} 2024. Now in its fifth year, this virtual conference brings together WordPress builders and developers from around the world to learn, collaborate, and get a sneak peek at WP Engine’s latest products and updates.

DE{CODE} stands out in the WordPress community for its company-centric approach. While other tech industries commonly host their own conferences, it is less common in the WordPress space. However, WP Engine saw the need to create an event that catered specifically to developers who may not have the budget to travel to traditional conferences. The team behind DE{CODE} wanted to provide valuable content and insights for free, making it accessible to everyone.

Lexi Mostek, the Lead Event Manager at WP Engine, explained the evolution of DE{CODE} and its focus on community involvement. Initially, the conference heavily promoted WP Engine’s own products and featured internal speakers. However, they recognized the value in expanding their roster of external speakers and topics to support the broader WordPress community. This year, DE{CODE} will feature 46 speakers, half of whom are external experts.

While DE{CODE} is not a WordCamp, it offers a similar experience with hands-on tutorials, best practices, and insightful sessions. Attendees can expect updates on WP Engine’s products, tutorials on Advanced Custom Fields, and even discussions on AI and WordPress 6.5. The sessions are designed to provide value to developers rather than being sales pitches.

Rob Stinson, a Product Marketing Manager at WP Engine, highlighted the practical focus of the sessions. One session he is involved in is an Advanced Custom Fields Blocks deep dive, where they will showcase different custom blocks and highlight interesting features. The goal is to demonstrate how developers can leverage these tools effectively.

For WP Engine, DE{CODE} is an opportunity to showcase their commitment to providing value to developers and the broader WordPress ecosystem. Their investment in the conference helps establish them as the hosting company that understands developers’ needs and supports them with robust tooling. By building brand awareness and fostering collaboration, WP Engine aims to strengthen its position in the market.

One unique aspect of DE{CODE} is its format. While the conference is streamed live, all sessions are pre-recorded and polished beforehand. The conference is then repeated three times across different time zones, ensuring a global audience can participate. Speakers and panelists actively engage with attendees through the live chat, answering questions and facilitating meaningful discussions. This interactive approach creates a collaborative experience for all participants.

AI takes the spotlight in DE{CODE} 2024, reflecting its growing importance in the WordPress landscape. Rob highlighted how AI has become prominent in code, text, and image processing, with WordPress being at the forefront. The implementation of AI through WordPress in the coming years is expected to have a significant impact on the ecosystem.

DE{CODE} 2024 features several AI-focused sessions, including AI search and a keynote by Zack Kass, the former Head of Go-to-market at Open AI. The conference also invites external experts and notable community members to participate in panel discussions. This emphasis on community involvement ensures that DE{CODE} goes beyond being solely about WP Engine’s products and caters to a broader audience.

While DE{CODE} is labeled as a developer conference, it welcomes not only developers but also marketers, business leaders, and anyone with a technical interest in WordPress. The sessions cater to a range of skill levels, from hardcore developers to those who log into the WordPress admin occasionally. The agenda covers topics such as marketing, performance, SEO, and ecommerce, offering valuable insights for a diverse audience.

DE{CODE} 2024 will take place on March 19 (North America and APAC) and March 21 (EMEA). Registration is free, allowing attendees from around the world to join this exciting virtual conference. Whether you are a developer, marketer, or business leader, DE{CODE} offers a unique opportunity to stay updated on the latest developments in the WordPress space and connect with like-minded professionals.

In conclusion, DE{CODE} 2024 promises to be an engaging and informative conference for WordPress builders and developers. With its focus on community involvement, practical sessions, and emphasis on AI, this virtual event sets itself apart in the WordPress ecosystem. WP Engine’s commitment to providing value to developers shines through in their conference, solidifying their position as a leading provider of WordPress products and managed hosting.

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