Themeum Buys Kirki Customizer Plugin

Themeum, a WordPress theme and plugin company, has acquired the Kirki Customizer Framework plugin from its former developer, David Vongries. The plugin was put up for sale for $30K and sold for just under the asking price. Vongries announced in April 2023 that he was sunsetting the product and discontinuing development.

The acquisition of Kirki by Themeum is expected to enhance the value of the plugin and make it easier for developers to add customization options to their WordPress themes. Themeum is the company behind Tutor LMS, Qubely – Advanced Gutenberg Blocks, and nearly a dozen other smaller plugins.

Despite having more than 600,000 active installs, support for the Kirki plugin was “basically zero” as it is a framework geared towards developers. The majority of the plugin’s users have installed the free version from There are only a handful of Kirki PRO customers, and some had grown unhappy with Kirki’s lack of development before the acquisition.

Themeum does not have any block-based theme products at this time, so this Customizer-dependent plugin fits in with the company’s catalog. The company’s initial focus will be on enhancing the plugin, after which they will integrate it into their themes. They are also considering making certain adjustments to their pricing or business model, all with the intention of benefiting both existing and future customers.

Existing users may be concerned about the product changing hands, but Themeum has assured them that it’s unlikely they will experience significant changes. The acquisition is unlikely to bring about any negative implications for users. The only perceptible change will be that product maintenance will now be handled by a professional team, well-versed in technology and carrying a wealth of experience.

In conclusion, Themeum’s acquisition of Kirki Customizer Framework plugin is expected to bring about positive changes to the plugin and benefit both existing and future customers. The plugin will be enhanced, and developers will find it easier to add customization options to their WordPress themes. Existing users need not worry about significant changes, as the acquisition is unlikely to bring about any negative implications for them.

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