WordPress Domain Mapping: A Guide

Domain mapping is a great solution for those who want to point multiple domains to a single WordPress installation and display unique content for each domain. This article will provide you with the best ways to map multiple domains in WordPress and how it can super-power your WordPress site based on your unique needs.

Domain mapping is the process of directing traffic for multiple domains within one WordPress installation. There are many reasons why you might want to manage multiple domains in a single WordPress website. For example, you can build a custom landing page with its own domain to target a specific audience for a product/service, create pages on your site with a different domain for each language or country, or use SaaS or WaaS products that give users the option to bring their own domains or provide vanity URLs.

To map multiple domains in WordPress, you need to purchase your primary and secondary domains or create a subdomain of your primary domain. It’s also essential to properly configure Name Server and DNS Records for all the domains or subdomains you’re mapping. Your server will need to be configured to handle domain Aliases in the case of a secondary domain or subdomains.

There are three methods available for mapping domains to your WordPress site: WordPress Multisite Network, WordPress Plugins, and Custom Coding your own Domain Mapping Solution. The WordPress Multisite Network is complex to set up and manage, while using a plugin like Domain Mapping System is easy to set up and manage. Custom coding your own domain mapping solution is complex and difficult to manage.

In conclusion, mapping domains in WordPress isn’t always easy, but there are many useful options available to get you started. Whether you choose to use the more advanced approach of a multisite network or a simplified approach with a WordPress plugin, it’s just a matter of finding the right fit for your needs and considering how long it will take to set it up.

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