Gutenberg 15.7: Site Logo Upload in Inspector Controls

Gutenberg 15.7 has been released, bringing with it a number of new features and improvements. One of the most notable additions is the ability to upload and replace site logos from the inspector controls sidebar. This feature was previously available in a similar fashion in the Customizer, but it now feels like a natural addition to the inspector. Users can easily adjust the logo width and set whether the image links to home, opens in a new tab, and more.

In addition to the new logo upload feature, version 15.7 also includes changes to the top toolbar fixed setting. According to Gutenberg lead architect Matias Ventura, the toolbar had stagnated while the editor’s feature set had evolved. The design change solves two important issues: the lack of a parent selector for nested blocks and the overall increase in the editor’s UI footprint. The toolbar has been updated to include a toggle expanded/collapsed for block contextual toolbar and updates on desktop-sized viewports.

However, this change will require feedback from Gutenberg plugin users, as feedback among contributors has been mixed so far. WordPress core committer and accessibility contributor Andrea Fercia suggested that the implementation requires more testing, particularly with regards to keyboard navigation and usage of the NavigableToolbar ARIA toolbar.

Another notable update in version 15.7 is the redesign of the experimental Command Center, which was introduced in version 15.6 as a quick search for jumping to other pages or templates. The design has been updated to match new mockups, with subtle differences such as tweaks to the radius and borders, icons for each command, and results only available when the input is not empty.

Other highlights from version 15.7 include duotone filter controls added to block sidebar, fluid typography updated to scale large fonts down for smaller screens using a logarithmic scale factor to calculate a minimum font size, image placeholders now showing custom borders, and template pattern suggestion modal now using a masonry layout.

Overall, Gutenberg 15.7 brings a number of useful new features and improvements to the editor. Users can check out the release post and changelog for more details on all the changes in tooling, code quality, performance, accessibility, documentation, and more.

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