WordPress Devs Test Gutenberg AI Block & Content Assistants

WordPress developers are exploring deeper integration with the block editor, as more AI-generated content and image plugins, chatbots, and assistants are landing in the official directory. Human Made CTO Joe Hoyle recently published an early preview of generative AI natively integrated into the block editor, demonstrating prompts working across various blocks. Similarly, Munir Kamal, WordPress developer and founder of Gutenberg Hub, has created a native AI writer with a similar UI to Hoyle’s tool, tapping into the GPT API to add more options to the AI writer. Kamal plans to release it as a commercial plugin in his Gutenberg Hub shop when it’s ready. Both developers believe that AI will become an even more integral part of blogging, assisting in generating ideas, improving grammar and structure, and even helping with SEO optimization. They are optimistic about the future of AI integrated into WordPress tools and see a clear path of improvement to what they’ve shown today.

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