Boost Website Credibility with McAfee SECURE on WordPress

Website credibility is an essential factor that readers consider when visiting a WordPress blog, website, or e-commerce store. If a website appears untrustworthy, readers may not feel comfortable downloading free resources, subscribing to newsletters, or providing personal information to make a purchase. One of the easiest ways to put visitors’ minds at ease is by using the McAfee SECURE trustmark.

McAfee is a well-known brand for its web security products that consumers around the world use to keep their web browsing safe. With users’ web security in mind, McAfee developed the McAfee SECURE brand, which encompasses a variety of web security tools available to everyone browsing the web. This set of tools includes three main segments: the McAfee SECURE trustmark, the McAfee SECURE Chrome Browser Extension, and the McAfee SECURE Identity Protection coverage.

The McAfee SECURE trustmark is a tool that can be used to increase website trustworthiness and credibility. Most websites could benefit from adding a trustmark to display to readers that the website is secure. If you run an e-commerce site or collect user data, then adding McAfee SECURE is probably a good idea. Adding a trustmark to your website will ease any hesitation a user might have before providing personal information to register. If you run an online store, the added McAfee SECURE Identity Protection is a bonus feature you can use to advertise to customers so they can feel confident about providing you with financial data.

Setting up McAfee SECURE for WordPress is relatively easy since it all starts with installing the free McAfee SECURE WordPress plugin. To install the plugin, log into your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New, and then search for “McAfee.” McAfee SECURE should be the first result. Click the button to “Install Now” and then to “Activate” the plugin.

The McAfee SECURE Pro plan provides unlimited trustmark use and unlimited TrustedSite reviews for your website, as well as additional features like search engine submission, website diagnostics, and more. Big brands like PartyCity, Tory Burch, FootLocker, Jelly Belly, Armani Exchange, LegalZoom, National Geographic, GameStop, and many more all trust McAfee SECURE. When you upgrade to Pro, the McAfee SECURE shield is not only displayed on your website but also in highlighted search results for SiteAdvisor users.

In addition to displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark on your website to verify site security, there are other simple steps you can take to help increase your credibility with your readers and increase their trust in your website. Providing real and useful content for your readers and posting it regularly is essential. Make sure you have a terms & conditions page, and if your website or product has been featured anywhere, share your achievements.

Overall, McAfee SECURE is a great way to increase your website credibility by adding a trustmark to your posts, pages, and products. The free version is great for smaller sites, while the Pro version is robust enough for established brands.

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