WordPress Custom Background Issue with Google

After upgrading to WordPress 3.3, some users have reported issues with their custom background options in WordPress. In the past, the function was not used much in themes as the classes added dynamically to the body tag were not utilized. However, with WordPress 3.3, this function is essential as the custom background function now makes use of it.

Previously, when a custom background was added, the styling was applied to the “body” tag. However, with WordPress 3.3, a new class called “custom-background” is added and the CSS is applied to that instead. For example:

As the styling is applied to this specific class, the custom-background class needs to be present in the body tag.

To fix this issue, open header.php and locate the tag. Change it to:


Alternatively, if you do not want to have extra classes, you can change the body tag to:

However, this is not recommended.

In conclusion, if you are experiencing issues with your custom background options in WordPress after upgrading to WordPress 3.3, make sure to use the function and ensure that the custom-background class is present in the body tag.

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