Mojeek Search Engine Integrates WordPress’ Openverse for Image Search

Mojeek, the UK-based privacy-oriented search engine, has recently announced the addition of Openverse to its image search capabilities. With a focus on providing independent and unbiased search results without tracking or profiling users, Mojeek stands out among search engines that rely on syndicated results from Bing, Google, and Yandex. This move comes after Mojeek reached a significant milestone of indexing over 6 billion pages in October 2022.

Previously, Mojeek offered Pixabay as the default image search provider, with Bing as an alternative option. However, the search engine had always aimed to eliminate its reliance on Bing due to Microsoft’s API pricing decisions and feedback from users. Openverse, with its openly-licensed media, presented a natural fit for Mojeek’s commitment to independence and privacy. Openverse, formerly known as Creative Commons Search, became part of the WordPress open source project in 2021. It boasts a collection of over 700 million Creative Commons licensed and public domain images and audio files, surpassing Pixabay’s library of 4 million+ royalty-free and stock images. This integration significantly expands users’ ability to search for a wider range of topics and access a more extensive collection of media.

While Pixabay remains Mojeek’s default image search provider, users now have the option to change their preferences. These preferences are stored locally as cookies and do not contain any personal data, ensuring privacy and control for users. The addition of Openverse to Mojeek’s image search is a testament to the utility and versatility of Openverse’s API, according to Joshua Long, Mojeek’s Head of Marketing.

Mojeek’s commitment to privacy and independence sets it apart from other search engines that rely on user data for targeted advertising and profiling. By using its own technology and algorithms, Mojeek ensures that search results are not influenced by external factors or biased towards specific interests. This approach aligns with the growing demand for privacy-focused alternatives to mainstream search engines.

With the integration of Openverse, Mojeek aims to provide users with a more comprehensive and diverse image search experience. The vast collection of openly-licensed media available through Openverse allows users to explore a wider range of topics and find relevant images for their needs. Whether users are searching for Creative Commons licensed images or public domain media, Mojeek’s image search now offers a more extensive selection.

In conclusion, Mojeek’s addition of Openverse to its image search capabilities marks another step towards providing an independent and privacy-oriented search experience. By eliminating its reliance on Bing and integrating Openverse’s vast collection of openly-licensed media, Mojeek expands its image search capabilities and offers users a more comprehensive and diverse search experience. With its commitment to privacy and independence, Mojeek continues to be a compelling alternative to mainstream search engines.

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