Human Made Hosts AI WordPress Event on May 25, 2023

Human Made, a leading WordPress product maker, is set to host the community’s first-ever AI for WordPress online conference on May 25, 2023. While the time and schedule are yet to be announced, registration for the event is already open.

The conference promises to showcase demos of Human Made’s current AI projects, as well as highlights of what others are doing in the space. Attendees can also expect to participate in discussions about the impact AI will have on the WordPress industry, as well as gain insights and predictions from industry experts.

Human Made is among the few WordPress product makers that have been experimenting with Gutenberg-native AI block and content assistants. CTO Joe Hoyle has published several videos demonstrating how prompts can work across various blocks with AI natively integrated into the block editor. His prototypes have progressed with the addition of Content Streaming that renders content, blocks, and layout in real-time. Users can also cancel the streaming output while it’s in progress to refine the guidance given to the AI.

The agency has created a guide titled “76 ways AI could transform WordPress,” which covers content, marketing, publishing, engineering, delivery, and impact in the enterprise. This guide highlights the possibilities that AI opens up for the WordPress industry.

The virtual AI for WordPress event will feature industry leaders who are also creating things in this space. is tracking more than three dozen AI products that have popped up in the last few months, so there is no shortage of developers experimenting. Organizers will announce more speakers and sessions ahead of the event on May 25.

Overall, this conference promises to be an exciting opportunity for WordPress enthusiasts to learn about the latest developments in AI and how it can transform the industry. With registration already open, interested attendees should sign up early to secure their spot at this groundbreaking event.

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