Gutenberg 15.6: Experimental Details Block and Command Center for Site Editor

Gutenberg 15.6 has been released with a new Details block under the Experiments menu. This block can be used to toggle the visibility of hidden content, making it useful for presenting text transcripts for video blocks or spoiler alerts. By default, the toggle is open in the block editor but closed on the front end. However, as this is the first iteration, the toggle’s behavior is still somewhat rough.

Another interesting feature that has been added is a command center for the Site Editor, which acts as a quick search for jumping to other pages or templates in the editor. This feature is seen as a start on an extensible command and quick search component that can be used for way-finding and running commands. The first milestone is to power quick search for content and templates within the site editor.

The goal of the initial PR is to build the APIs and components for the command center but not necessarily implement all the commands. The command center can be loaded in any WPAdmin page, and the commands and the command center are independent. Commands can be registered dynamically depending on the context, and there is some small hierarchy of commands to be able to organize the items. Dynamic searches for commands are also allowed.

Spacing presets have been added to the Spacer block settings, allowing theme authors to create sensible presets and users to adjust spacing in a way that will look good across devices. Since the introduction of spacing presets, it became clear from community feedback that spacing presets should also be available for the Height control in the Spacer block. This enhancement in 15.6 gives theme developers much more flexibility over how spacing is applied throughout a site and enables fluid Spacer blocks.

WordPress core contributor Nick Diego filmed a short video about spacing presets for the Spacer block, which demonstrates how fluid spacing works to help a site’s content and design adapt better to different viewports.

Other highlights in Gutenberg 15.6 include border support being added to the Cover block, Style Variations being made accessible in Browse Mode, List View now allowing dragging underneath collapsed non-empty container blocks, and smoother animations for Drop Zone in the canvas. Check out the changelog to see all the enhancements, bug fixes, and performance and tooling updates.

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