Build a Viral Content Site with Elegant WordPress Themes

Creating a viral website is a great way to attract a large audience and increase your online presence. However, to achieve this, you need the right WordPress theme that makes it easy for visitors to find and share your content. While there are numerous WordPress themes available, not all of them are suitable for creating viral content websites. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top five WordPress themes that are perfect for aspiring webmasters who want to create viral content online.

1. TruePixel Responsive & Flexible WordPress Blog Theme

TruePixel is an excellent choice for those who want a theme that makes navigation and sharing easy for all visitors, regardless of their technical expertise. The theme is optimized for speed, ensuring that visitors won’t leave due to long load times. It also features a floating box with social share buttons, making it easy for visitors to share your content. The vertical layout is professional and easy to follow, making TruePixel a great way to present your viral content. The theme costs just $69.

2. Aruna Retina Content Sharing, Gag, Meme Theme

Aruna is perfect for those who plan to offer content in various formats such as video, audio, and images. The theme mimics the viral content site 9GAG but offers more robust support for different media formats. Aruna is designed to make content easy to share and lets casual browsers know what’s hot. A number at the top bar of each post tells visitors how many people have viewed the content. The familiar social share icons are right next to that number, enabling visitors to post your great content on one or more social media sites. Aruna also allows for color-coded categories, which can be helpful for people interested in specific subsections of your site. The theme costs just $49.

3. Harpoon Multioptions Responsive WP Theme

Harpoon is a simple theme that gives your great content the boost towards virality that it deserves. A key distinction between this theme and others is that it showcases how much visitors like or dislike a post, using a thumbs up/thumbs down icon and corresponding numbers. The overall layout and the default fonts provide a professional image to even the most casual blogger. If you’re looking for a classy theme that’s astonishingly simple to use as either an administrator or a website visitor, give Harpoon a chance. The theme is currently priced at $49.

4. Pin Pinterest Style Personal Masonry Blog

The WordPress theme Pin makes your blog look like the famous social media website Pinterest by placing your featured images and headlines in a boxed format. This makes browsing exceptionally easy, especially for users who are accustomed to Pinterest. Pin just makes your site look like Pinterest. It doesn’t actually behave like Pinterest. People who click on one of the images in a boxed format will be taken to an article sporting that same featured image, with easy-to-read content just below that. You can share your great articles, videos, and images on the Pin theme. At $49, Pin is a great theme for people who want to share viral content in a way that’s familiar to the millions of people who use Pinterest.

5. Cube: Front-end Multimedia Publishing WP Theme

If you want a grid layout but are looking for something more sophisticated than Pin, consider Cube. Cube offers advanced capabilities, such as custom-designed media players, front-end user submissions, four homepage options, and more. All the great features included in Cube don’t seem to have an impact on the load time. It comes up quickly, displaying everything just as you’d expect. Each element in the grid is sized proportionally to the featured image, meaning that some elements of the grid are wider than others. This offers a great deal of flexibility in what you use for your featured image, whereas many other themes require you to use the same size featured image for every post. Cube also offers unlimited colors and hundreds of Google font options so you can truly create a website that matches your personality. Cube is a great option if you’re looking for a few more bells and whistles that might require a slight learning curve on the part of your visitors. If you think that your market is sophisticated and will appreciate the additional features, download it and apply it to your viral content website for just $49.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right WordPress theme is crucial for creating a viral content website. The themes we’ve outlined here are some of the best options available, but ultimately, the choice depends on what capabilities you need included and what budget you have to spend on the theme. Always remember to check out user reviews and have a play around with the demo before committing to any theme. What’s your favorite theme for viral content websites? Let us know in the comments below!

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