WooSesh 2023 Announces Speaker Lineup and Seshies Awards

WooSesh 2023: Next Generation Commerce Conference Announces Speaker Lineup and Launches The Seshies Awards

WooSesh 2023, the highly anticipated virtual conference for WooCommerce store builders, is set to take place on October 10-12. With the theme of “Next Generation Commerce,” this year’s event promises to be a must-attend for anyone involved in the WooCommerce ecosystem. While registration is not yet open, the organizers have just released the speaker lineup and broadcast schedule, giving attendees a glimpse into what they can expect from this three-day event.

The conference will kick off with the State of the Woo address, featuring WooCommerce CEO Paul Maiorana and other product leaders from the company. This session will provide insights into the latest developments and future plans for WooCommerce, setting the stage for the rest of the event.

Over the course of WooSesh 2023, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from 31 speakers across 23 sessions. The topics covered will be diverse and relevant to WooCommerce store builders, including discussions on complexities of sales tax and product taxability, accessibility, block themes, security, AI tools, and automation. The sessions will feature case studies and workshops, providing practical insights and actionable strategies that attendees can implement in their own businesses.

One exciting addition to this year’s conference is The Seshies, a community awards ceremony launched by WooSesh organizer Brian Richards. The Seshies aims to recognize and celebrate the best examples of the WooCommerce ecosystem across six categories: Innovation, Store, Extension, Agency, Developer, and Community Advocate.

Nominations for The Seshies are open to anyone in the community. Participants can nominate candidates for the awards, including themselves and their own WooCommerce projects. This inclusive approach ensures that all deserving individuals and businesses have a chance to be recognized for their contributions to the WooCommerce ecosystem.

“The Seshies are something that have been on my heart for quite some time,” said Richards. “And now, after 6 years of hosting WooSesh and 10 years of running WPSessions, I think I’ve amassed enough authority and (critically) a wide enough reach to deliver awards, on your behalf, that have real meaning.”

The top three nominees in each category will be announced by Richards the week before the event. The community will then have the opportunity to vote for their favorites throughout the first two days of WooSesh. The winners will be revealed on the final day of the conference, receiving a digital badge of recognition. Richards is also working on producing physical awards to be shipped to the winners, regardless of their location.

The Seshies not only provide a platform to honor outstanding achievements within the WooCommerce community but also serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for others. By showcasing the best examples of innovation, store development, and community advocacy, The Seshies encourage individuals and businesses to strive for excellence and push the boundaries of what is possible with WooCommerce.

WooSesh 2023 promises to be an invaluable event for WooCommerce store builders. With a lineup of industry-leading speakers, a diverse range of topics, and the addition of The Seshies awards, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and recognition for their contributions to the WooCommerce ecosystem.

While registration for WooSesh 2023 is not yet open, interested individuals can visit the official website to stay updated on the latest news and announcements. With limited spots available, it is advisable to secure a spot as soon as registration opens to ensure participation in this highly anticipated virtual conference.

Mark your calendars for October 10-12 and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Next Generation Commerce at WooSesh 2023.

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