WooCommerce 7.6: New Single Product Details & “Add to Cart” Block

WooCommerce 7.6 has been released with two new blocks that have been merged from the WooCommerce Blocks plugin. The Single Product Details block and the “Add to Cart” Form block are now available to store owners who want to use the Site Editor to design their own Single Product Templates. This update also includes improvements for the Products block, which now has better attribute filtering and live previews of products that will be included in the view.

For those who are designing pages and templates with patterns, WooCommerce 7.6 makes it much easier to get a consistent design with improved, scalable margins for patterns using the Products block. The Mini Cart block’s performance has also been improved, with content preloaded and an appearance that more closely matches the site’s active theme.

Developers will also benefit from several important updates in this release, including clearer, renamed event names in block-based Checkout, reintroduced cache for orders when custom tables are enabled, an encoding selector added to the product importer, and add/remove order coupon actions now logged in notes. The Products widget can now be sorted by menu_order as well.

For those interested in contributing to WooCommerce, the Contributor Day Guide has been released for the upcoming 24-hour virtual event on April 19, 2023. The guide outlines specific topics and tickets that will be addressed, with dedicated Slack channels for each.

Overall, WooCommerce 7.6 is a significant update that brings new features and improvements for both store owners and developers. With better design options and improved performance, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to build an e-commerce site.

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