WeChat & WordPress: All You Need to Know

WeChat is a mobile app created by the Chinese company Tencent that is used by over 1.2 billion people worldwide. It is considered a super-app that handles everything from chatting with friends to payments for daily spending, buying travel tickets, investments, and more. WeChat offers a native web browser, payment functionality, a sharing/status function called Moments, and a chat function.

If you’re targeting Chinese consumers, it’s inevitable that they will be visiting your website using the WeChat app, especially if you’re sending links or posting to that platform. By offering any kind of hint that you’re “WeChat-friendly” on your site, you immediately signal to a Chinese consumer or business that you’re open and available to do business with China.

Here are some ways you can appeal to WeChat users through your WordPress website:

User Interface & the WeChat Web Browser

WeChat has a native mobile web browser. If you’re sharing links in WeChat to groups or via the sharing mechanisms described below – users will generally remain within the WeChat mobile web browser interface. Once users land on your site using the WeChat mobile web browser, they’ll see a totally different user interface on your website. To help alleviate those issues, it’s a good idea to optimize your user interface to give your website a more natural experience that fits well with the WeChat browser.

How to Accept WeChat Pay on WordPress

You can accept WeChat Pay payments on WordPress with Stripe or a Chinese-mainland registered WeChat Official Merchant Account. Offering WeChat Pay as a payment method is one of the most valuable ways you can appeal to WeChat users.

WeChat Official Accounts

If you can register your business in China, you can accept WeChat Pay payments by creating a WeChat Official Account as a Domestic Merchant. This requires a Chinese business license for verification. Then, you can request WeChat Pay to be activated on your account.

Displaying WeChat Moments on WordPress

WeChat Moments is a social media network feature similar to Twitter or Facebook in that you can share posts about your latest updates. The plugin WP Weixin allows you to auto-post your blog posts articles to WeChat moments. But, as mentioned above, you’ll need a WeChat Official Account to make this work.

WeChat Direct Messaging and Group Chat

With the WeChat API available to WeChat Official Accounts, it’s theoretically possible to implement a WeChat Live chat app on your website if you have development experience. However, we haven’t seen any WordPress plugins that support this feature.

Single Sign-On with WeChat and WordPress

If you’re looking for WeChat users to be able to login to your WordPress website, that is a feature that is definitely possible. This is called Single-Sign-On (SSO), and it is something that requires a WeChat Official Account in order to securely verify account details through the WeChat API.

Creating WeChat Mini Programs for your WordPress Website

WeChat Mini Programs allow you to provide services in a structured app that is built into WeChat. To create a WeChat Mini Program for your WordPress site, you can use a plugin like WP Mini Program, though it doesn’t have any ratings or reviews. You will need an Official Account for this feature too, but it can open your business in the most friendly WeChat way possible.

WooCommerce and WeChat Mini Programs

If you have a WooCommerce store and are eligible for payments on your WeChat Official Account with a Chinese business license, the WooCommerce WeChat Mini Program plugin could be useful. This plugin will certainly require a mainland-registered WeChat Official Account, as opposed to an overseas account.

In conclusion, by optimizing your WordPress website for WeChat users, you can appeal to Chinese consumers in a way that is familiar to them and potentially reach thousands of people in China who may be interested in your products or services.

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