Social Media Marketing Tips for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce WordPress plugin that allows online retailers to create their own online store and customize it according to their preferences. It is no surprise that WooCommerce backs more than 20% of online stores. However, getting noticed by the right customers can be challenging. This is where social networks come in. In this article, we will discuss ways to refine your social media marketing tactics to engage customers, generate qualified leads, and increase WooCommerce sales.

1. Create and Share Amazing Content to Generate Leads

Social media marketing is not just about increasing your exposure. It also helps you connect with your audience on a personal level, build trust with them, and position yourself as a highly relevant online resource. Content marketing should be an invaluable aspect of your social media campaign.

To boost engagement with your content, make it relevant to your audience. Use tools like BuzzSumo to find the most shared topics related to your niche and create original, insightful, and highly interactive posts around them. Play with the forms of your content until you find the ones that resonate with your target audiences.

Produce long-form content such as 2500-word articles or videos that are typically 4 minutes or longer. Leverage live streaming as people love video content, and live videos feel more natural. Instagram stories play a major role in generating leads and boosting conversions. Use them to engage potential customers with brief polls or ephemeral photos and videos.

2. Polish Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

The ecommerce world has become overly competitive, and to survive, you need to keep improving your marketing practices. This applies to all segments of your strategy, including social media marketing.

Most customers who have a question or complaint expect to see your answer in an hour. Implement a live chat plugin to provide answers to their questions 24/7. Take advantage of social mention monitoring tools to track both your direct and indirect brand mentions across different social media platforms. This way, you will be able to give your customers valuable answers and help them complete the purchase in real-time.

Automate content sharing using social media management tools that allow you to manage your posts ahead of time and then publish them automatically. Focus on creating mobile-friendly content formats, such as vertical videos or images.

3. Use WooCommerce Plugins to Increase Social Media Engagement

Install social media plugins and WooCommerce extensions to increase engagement. StoreYa Shop brings your WooCommerce store to Facebook, where customers can create “want” lists, win coupons, look for group deals, and more. WooCommerce Instagram Gallery integrates your store with your Instagram account, displaying photos of your products on your WooCommerce store product pages. WooCommerce Wishlist lets your customers create their own wishlists on your store and then share them with their followers on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. WooCommerce Social Coupon may increase both your social media presence and sales.

4. Don’t Focus on Immediate Sales – Focus on Building Trust

Use social networks to engage customers as a trust signal to prove that you’re the right choice for them. Invest in advertising to boost your visibility, promote your top content and offers to the right people, and help you drive loads of qualified leads to your site. Use in-app ads that give your customers the opportunity to purchase the desired product without leaving your social media platform. Encourage user-generated content by rewarding customers for leaving a product review or organizing a giveaway on social media. Work with influencers to build trust with your customers and make your products more credible.

Social media marketing is the missing part of your WooCommerce marketing puzzle. It gives you the opportunity to engage your customers, build trust with them, and guide them down your sales funnel towards making a purchase.

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