Simplified LearnDash Features for Corporate Training

Maximizing the Potential of LearnDash LMS for Corporate Training

Corporate training is an essential aspect of any organization as it enables employees to grow their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. With online training courses, employees often feel confident to take charge of their professional growth. However, did you know that employees deliver $30 of increased productivity for every $1 invested in e-Learning? Giving employees the time and resources to up-skill and advance in their career paths will not only expand their expertise but also allow them to enjoy their work, stay in the company for longer, and be more productive.

Recognizing this, businesses are now heavily using and investing in online learning to train employees and develop the workforce. With that said, LearnDash is your best bet if you want to set up an LMS for online courses, including corporate training. It offers a top-notch e-Learning experience among other things. In this article, we will look at some of the most underutilized LearnDash features that can significantly boost corporate training as well as employee engagement.

1. Gamification to Boost Encouragement

Gamification is one way you can elevate and boost involvement in a training program. It is the use of gameplay in course elements, like awarding a badge for completing a video tutorial or joining the community. Incorporating game-like interactive elements in a training program not only boosts employee engagement but also increases information retention.

As a default feature, you can award certificates to your employees on completion of courses in LearnDash, as well as award course points and display a leaderboard. But what if you want to incorporate more game elements? Answer – LearnDash Gamification Addons. Addons like GamiPress and Badge OS can help turn the conventional training material into gamified courses. With this add-on, you can reward employees based on various LearnDash course activities.

By earning course points and custom badges, they will become more engaged and participate in more activities. What’s more, is that you can set triggers for as many activities as you like. This activity can be as simple as enrolling in a course or completing a quiz. On completion, you can reward your employees with course points, ranks, and custom badges.

With GamiPress, all these rewards can be set up by the admin. But once you integrate the Instructor Role Plugin, even instructors can set up the triggers to reward the employees. Your employees can also share these achievements via social media. Additionally, you can also display the scores on a leaderboard.

2. Forums to Maximize Discussion

LearnDash forums allow you to add additional value to your courses by encouraging course-specific communication among your employees. It’s an extremely popular approach to enhance the learning experience, especially in a business environment as employees often feel the need to share their ideas with their peers.

By adding these discussion forums to specific courses, you can encourage conversations where the employees can learn from each other. They can share articles, news, or even other related courses. Hence, a forum results in active participation.

To add forums to your courses, you can use bbPress. It’s a free plugin that helps you add private as well as public forums to your courses (and it’s quite easy to get started with bbPress). And with LearnDash, you can also make these forums exclusive to only those who have enrolled or leave them open.

3. LearnDash Groups to Level-Up Training

LearnDash groups (often called ‘memberships’) allow you to group several users and assign a group leader to manage those members. Consider this – you want to train your employees with skills specific to their job profile and for that, you need them to undertake a series of online courses.

In this case, you can create a LearnDash group and then assign the courses to the group that you want them to take as a part of their training. This can be a single course or multiple courses at once. Then after you add your employees to the group they will be auto-enrolled into the courses. You can also assign a group leader to manage and track progress using ProPanel.

Group leaders will have limited access such as checking the course progress of learners in the group, sending group emails, and viewing their assessments. This is particularly useful when your organization is conducting training across multiple locations, but you want local managers to review their team’s progress.

If you run a corporate training portal, you can sell course licenses to organizations so they can bulk purchase the access to courses to train their employees. Bulk enrollment becomes easy with LearnDash Groups. And for this particular use case, you’ll need the Group Registration Plugin for LearnDash.

This plugin allows you to create groups, assign group leaders, manage course subscriptions, offer bulk discounts for groups, and easily track progress. Not only this but you can do a lot more with this plugin! You can also create subgroups and subgroup leaders to micromanage employee training.

4. Mobile Training for Convenience

Mobile training will let your employees learn when and where it’s convenient for them. You can turn smartphones and tablets into training tools. Employees can watch tutorials, access the documentation, receive push notifications of completed and pending tasks, and even track their progress ON THE GO.

Additionally, you can use mobile training to deliver micro-video lessons that are not longer than 15 minutes. This will increase the absorption rate and will allow your users to take up even while they’re on a break. What’s more is that you can offer a range of learning content through mobile devices like podcasts, short quizzes, and other bite-sized reading material.

If your LearnDash site is device friendly, you can allow your employees to complete the entire course on the device of their choice giving them the freedom to progress at their pace.

LearnDash comes with a solid set of core features that are suitable for any e-Learning environment. But there are some features and functionalities that are not always hidden but often overlooked despite their availability. LearnDash has always been on top of its game as they have relevant experience consulting Fortune 500 companies with their international training programs.

So what’s stopping you from creating the best training program for your organization? Use the key takeaways in your training program to see a significant boost in employee performance.

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