Running WordPress on Ubuntu: Pros and Cons

Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system that is widely regarded as one of the best options for running a WordPress site. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of using Ubuntu for your WordPress site and provide some tips for running it effectively.

Advantages of Running a WordPress Site on Ubuntu

1. Free: Ubuntu is free to use, making it an excellent option for beginners who do not have a budget for their website.

2. Customizable: With Ubuntu, you have incredible levels of customization of both how you control and manage your site, as well as the backend of it.

3. Ideal for Development: Ubuntu is designed with distinctive out-of-box support features that allow the programmer to use the machines immediately after acquiring them. It is much more efficient and quicker than other operating systems.

4. Easy Updates: Ubuntu updates background software without disrupting you from carrying out your project. The updates are far more lightweight too.

5. Extensive Documentation: Ubuntu’s open-source nature offers the same benefit as WordPress – it’s incredibly well documented.

6. More Resource Friendly: Due to the lack of GUI, Ubuntu is much more resource-friendly compared to any other server software.

7. Secure: Ubuntu gets to enjoy very frequent security updates to its base software and offers its users much more flexibility when designing the perfect firewall for your website when compared to other operating systems.

8. Allows Additional Repositories for Extra Software: Ubuntu has several repositories; through them, it provides additional software for your system.

Disadvantages of Running a WordPress Site on Ubuntu

1. Steep Learning Curve: Having in mind, it is open-source software that is aimed more towards power users, Ubuntu is harder to master.

2. Requires Experts: When the subject of developing a website is put into consideration, it requires an expert who has mastered different kinds of commands and functions.

3. Potential Migration Difficulties: If you are considering changing a WordPress site hosted on shared hosting services, you might experience some difficulties when you migrate a WordPress site to a server powered by an Ubuntu system.

Tips for Running Ubuntu

1. Update Your OS Immediately and Regularly: After installing Ubuntu in your machine, updating the operating system should be prioritized before focusing on your project.

2. Select Your Preferred Stack: Research and decide which web server stack is the right one for you.

3. Start Researching: Start researching the command-line interface, learn the most popular commands required, and select a preferred connection method.

4. Learn Keyboard Shortcuts: Ubuntu provides flexibility that allows the user to set desired shortcuts of your choice that will help you with the easy opening of the applications, switching panes, etc.


Ubuntu is an excellent option for running a WordPress site, especially for beginners who do not have a budget for their website. It is free, customizable, ideal for development, easy to update, and more resource-friendly than other operating systems. However, it does have a steep learning curve and requires experts to manage it effectively. By following the tips provided in this article, you can run your WordPress site on Ubuntu effectively and efficiently.

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