Infinite Scroll for WordPress Blogs: How & Why to Add It

Infinite scroll is a powerful tool that can keep visitors engaged and active on your WordPress website. By allowing users to keep scrolling indefinitely, infinite scroll provides quick and easy access to unlimited amounts of information, creating a positive user experience that can help prolong the time visitors spend reading your content and exploring your site. However, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider before implementing infinite scroll on your site. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of infinite scroll and provide a step-by-step guide to setting it up using the Jetpack module.

What is Infinite Scroll?

Infinite scroll is a feature that enables users to keep scrolling down a web page without ever reaching the bottom. Instead of clicking through to a new page, the next set of information loads automatically as the user scrolls down. This can include the next post on your blog or more items from your gallery. While infinite scroll can be extremely effective, it’s not for everyone. Before you decide to use it on your WordPress website, it’s important to consider your audience and the type of site you run to see if they’re compatible.

Who is Currently Using Infinite Scroll?

Social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are the biggest proponents of infinite scroll. However, other content-heavy sites like BuzzFeed and Mashable have also successfully integrated infinite scroll into their design. If your site is constantly updated with new information for your audience to scroll through, then infinite scroll may be just what you need.

The Benefits of Infinite Scroll

There are numerous benefits of using infinite scroll on your WordPress website. For one, it keeps visitors on your site for longer by eliminating the choice of whether to load up a second or third page. This can increase the likelihood of conversions, such as entering an email address or making a purchase. Additionally, infinite scroll greatly improves the user experience by quickly and smoothly loading new information each time a reader ventures close to the bottom of the page. This keeps visitors engaged and encourages them to return to your site.

Infinite scroll is also particularly mobile-friendly, as users can scroll on their touch screens without distraction. This ease of use is appealing to the majority of users and can encourage them to visit your site regularly.

When Shouldn’t You Use Infinite Scroll?

While infinite scroll has many benefits, it’s not suited to everyone and every website. One reason not to use infinite scroll is if your audience doesn’t like it. While there have been some complaints about infinite scroll in the past, these are becoming less common as the feature becomes more widely used. However, it’s still worth testing infinite scroll on your site to gauge your audience’s reaction and monitor your analytics closely.

Another reason not to use infinite scroll is if your site isn’t suited to it. If your website has a specific goal, such as completing a particular task, infinite scroll may distract your audience and prevent them from completing that task. eCommerce sites have also been found not to be well-matched with infinite scroll, as it can affect sales and customer satisfaction.

Jetpack Infinite Scroll WordPress Plugin

If you’ve decided to give infinite scroll a try on your WordPress website, the next step is to set it up using the Jetpack module. Jetpack offers a suite of free plugins, including an Infinite Scroll module that enables you to enable infinite scroll on your site.

Setting Up Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll

Setting up Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll is quick and easy. First, install Jetpack on your website, then under Jetpack Settings, select Appearance. Scroll down to locate Infinite Scroll and turn it on to activate. It’s important to note that this plugin only works with themes that have infinite scroll support. Most recent themes will already have this support built-in, but if your theme doesn’t, the Infinite Scroll support page provides detailed instructions on how to add it.

Customizing Infinite Scroll’s Functionalities

CSS can be used to alter Infinite Scroll’s functionalities if necessary. For example, you can alter the footer or add a “Load More Posts” button to give your audience more control over their scrolling experience.

Final Thoughts

Infinite scroll is a great way to engage your visitors, provide them with an impressive user experience, and help increase the time they spend on your site. Using Jetpack to set up infinite scroll on a WordPress website is quick and easy, yet extremely effective. Once up and running, use Jetpack’s Site Stats to help you track your analytics and monitor if infinite scroll is making a positive impact on your site’s performance. If you’re considering adding infinite scroll to your WordPress website, test it out and monitor your analytics closely to see if it’s the right choice for your audience and site.

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