Gutenberg 16.3 Enhances Pattern Tools

Gutenberg 16.3: New Tools for Pattern Management

Gutenberg 16.3 was released today as a maintenance release, but it brings several new tools that make pattern management smoother and easier for users. This update includes features such as a dropdown menu for custom user patterns, a sticky header bar on the Patterns page, and the addition of “focus mode” to patterns.

Custom User Patterns Dropdown Menu

One of the most notable additions in Gutenberg 16.3 is the dropdown menu for custom user patterns. This menu allows users to easily rename, duplicate, and delete their custom patterns. However, it’s important to note that patterns and template parts that come with themes can only be duplicated since they cannot be deleted or renamed.

Sticky Header Bar on Patterns Page

Gutenberg 16.3 adds a sticky header bar on the Patterns page. This feature ensures that the header bar remains visible even when scrolling through a long list of patterns. It provides a convenient way for users to access the various options and tools available for managing patterns.

Focus Mode for Patterns

Another significant addition in Gutenberg 16.3 is the introduction of “focus mode” for patterns. This feature was already available for template parts in the Site Editor but was not accessible when editing patterns. With the inclusion of focus mode for patterns, users now have a more consistent editing interface across different elements of their website.

Rearranged Pattern Categories

Users who have been closely following the evolution of the Patterns page will notice some changes in Gutenberg 16.3. The “Theme patterns” heading has been removed, and the pattern categories have been rearranged. Theme and plugin patterns now appear above template parts, providing a more logical and intuitive organization of patterns.

Improved Synced Patterns Icon

In previous versions of Gutenberg, the icon for synced patterns was not self-evident, leading to confusion among some users. In response to this feedback, Gutenberg 16.3 introduces a new tooltip that identifies synced patterns. This tooltip provides users with more context and clarifies that edits made to synced patterns will apply anywhere the pattern is used.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Gutenberg 16.3 includes more than two dozen pattern interface-related fixes, along with other bug fixes in the editor. These updates improve the overall stability and usability of the Gutenberg editor. If you frequently use and manage patterns, installing the Gutenberg plugin will provide you with a better experience until these updates are incorporated into the core WordPress software.


Gutenberg 16.3 brings several new tools and enhancements to pattern management in WordPress. The addition of a dropdown menu for custom user patterns, a sticky header bar on the Patterns page, and the introduction of focus mode for patterns streamline the process of creating and managing patterns. The rearranged pattern categories and improved synced patterns icon further improve the user experience. With these updates, users can expect a more efficient and intuitive pattern management workflow in WordPress. To learn more about all the changes and fixes in Gutenberg 16.3, check out the release post on the official WordPress website.

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