GoDaddy Ends Media Temple Brand

Media Temple (MT), a renowned hosting company, has officially closed its doors after 24 years in the industry. The brand has been retired, and all customers have been successfully migrated to GoDaddy. This closure comes after GoDaddy acquired MT in 2013 with the aim of winning over developers. At the time of the acquisition, MT was known for its advanced technical services, which GoDaddy had not yet incorporated. The plan was for MT to continue operating independently without any changes for employees or customers.

Following the acquisition, MT launched its managed WordPress hosting product in 2014. This move allowed MT to join other companies such as Flywheel,,, and WP Engine in providing an elevated hosting experience for WordPress users.

In December 2022, MT announced its decision to retire the Media Temple brand and transition all accounts to GoDaddy. However, the company acknowledged the sentimental value that MT held for many of its customers. It stated that since joining forces with GoDaddy, they had worked together to incorporate the best of Media Temple into GoDaddy’s offerings. This included improving the customer experience and leveraging Media Temple’s expertise in running a world-class hosting organization. Customers who closely examine GoDaddy’s hosting offerings will find Media Temple’s influence throughout. From specialized teams handling complex hosting issues to programs like GoDaddy Pro targeting creatives, Media Temple has left its mark on GoDaddy.

The retirement of the Media Temple brand was met with farewell messages from fans on Twitter. Many members of the design community expressed their nostalgia for the brand, highlighting its significant presence in the industry. Media Temple was widely regarded as a respected hosting provider, and its retirement marks the end of an era in web hosting history.

In February 2023, Media Temple began migrating accounts to GoDaddy. The process required no action from customers as many of the products and services were already fulfilled through GoDaddy. This streamlined the migration process, making it easier for customers. Now that the migration is complete, Media Temple will cease operations and allocate its resources to supporting customers within GoDaddy. Former MT customers can rest assured that they will retain their current products and pricing, with access to even more tools and features.

The closure of Media Temple signifies the end of a long-standing hosting brand that has made significant contributions to the industry. However, with the seamless migration to GoDaddy, customers can continue to enjoy reliable hosting services and access to a wider range of tools and features. GoDaddy’s acquisition of Media Temple has allowed the two companies to combine their strengths and provide an enhanced hosting experience for customers.

In conclusion, Media Temple’s closure after 24 years in the hosting industry marks the end of an era. The brand has been retired, and all customers have been successfully migrated to GoDaddy. Despite the closure, former MT customers can expect to retain their current products and pricing while gaining access to more tools and features within GoDaddy’s hosting platform. This transition allows GoDaddy to further solidify its position as a leading hosting provider while honoring the legacy of Media Temple.

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