Creating a WordPress Business App: Is it Worth it?

When it comes to making a mobile app for your WordPress business, there are several factors to consider. Simply jumping on the bandwagon because it’s the latest trend may not be the best idea. Not only can mobile apps be expensive, but they can also make the process more difficult for your customers. Here are some questions to ask yourself before deciding whether or not to create an app:

1. Do you already have a responsive WordPress website?

If not, it’s time to get one. A responsive website adjusts to fit different screen sizes and makes it easier for users to navigate on their mobile devices. You can check if your website is mobile-friendly by using the Google Mobile-Friendly test. If it’s not, consider finding a new WordPress theme that is responsive.

2. Is there a feature that can be done better with a mobile app?

Some features, such as rewards programs or booking systems, may work better on a mobile app than on a responsive website. Push notifications are also a feature that can only be done with a mobile app.

3. Would a mobile app benefit your customers?

Consider whether the feature you want to offer through the app would actually be helpful to your customers. Will push notifications provide valuable coupons or just spam them with advertisements? Is the rewards program convenient and valuable enough for customers to download and use the app regularly?

4. Do you have a plan to market the app?

If you don’t have a plan to market the app, there’s no point in creating one. Local businesses will need to focus on marketing efforts that target their current and potential customers. This might include training employees to show people how to download the app, offering signup bonuses, and displaying a sign with a QR code at the register.

5. How will you create the app?

There are several options for creating an app, including using a plugin like MobiLoud or AppPresser, or hiring a skilled developer. Consider the features you need and the cost of each option before making a decision.

Ultimately, the decision to create a mobile app for your WordPress business depends on your answers to these questions. If you already have a responsive website that meets your mobile needs, and there’s no feature that can be done better with an app, it may not be worth the expense. However, if there’s a feature that would benefit your customers and make you money, and you have a plan to market the app effectively, it could be a worthwhile investment.

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