Caseproof Buys WishList Member

Caseproof, the company behind MemberPress, has acquired WishList Products, the parent company of popular WordPress membership plugin, WishList Member, and CourseCure. The acquisition will see the WishList team, with the exception of co-founder Tracy Childers, continue to support and develop the products under the leadership of Caseproof founder Blair Williams.

WishList Member has been a pioneer in the WordPress membership plugin space, with a 14-year history and over 119,275 downloads and activations since 2008. The plugin is currently priced between $149.50/year to $249.50/year.

Williams praised WishList Member as the first membership plugin he ever used and credited it with inspiring him to get more involved with WordPress. He also noted that the plugin showed him how a plugin could transform WordPress into a highly sophisticated membership platform.

Caseproof has been acquiring smaller WordPress membership plugins lately, with the addition of MemberMouse earlier this year. However, Williams emphasized that the goal is not to discontinue WishList or combine it with another membership plugin.

The most significant change coming to WishList Member as part of the acquisition is the integration of CourseCure LMS features into the plugin. Those who purchase WishList Member now will receive access to CourseCure for free. Childers stated that once the plugins are combined, the price will go up. The company plans to maintain the same level of support and is not planning to change prices for existing customers.

Overall, the acquisition of WishList Products by Caseproof is a significant move in the WordPress membership plugin space. With the integration of CourseCure features into WishList Member, users can expect even more powerful membership capabilities from this popular plugin.

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