Advanced Website Building with Total & Toolset

Total Theme and Toolset: The Perfect Combination for Building Advanced Websites

The Total theme is a powerful and flexible WordPress theme that allows users to build advanced websites without the need for coding or many plugins. What’s more, it is now integrated with Toolset, a suite of plugins that provides dynamic features for your site. This integration means that you have access to an entirely new set of professional features to create any kind of powerful website you want.

Total Theme: Features and Benefits

Designed for ultimate flexibility, the Total theme includes intuitive site building options alongside built-in developer-friendly features. It is a freelancer-friendly theme with everything you need to get started with building unique and advanced websites. Here are some of the top features that our clients love:

1. Unlimited customizability and user-friendly flexibility

2. Over 40 different demo sites available to help you get started

3. Front-end drag and drop with bundled plugin WPBakery

4. Built-in Live Theme Customizer

5. Custom Footer and Header builder

6. Great and responsive support team

Toolset: Features and Benefits

Toolset is a suite of plugins that work together in one package, providing dynamic features for your site that are fully optimized. You can use Toolset to create all of the following:

1. Custom posts lists

2. Dynamically powered content

3. Content templates

4. Custom fields, post types, and taxonomies

5. Custom maps with Google or Azure

6. Front-end forms for creating and editing posts

7. Custom user roles and privileges

And much more.

Total & Toolset: Smooth and Immersive Design

Total’s theme options are now available in the block editor when you edit archive and single-post pages in Toolset, so you have all the features you need to build custom content completely from scratch. With this combination, you’ll face fewer interruptions as you work.

How to Build Dynamic Sites with Total and Toolset

Total and Toolset offer plenty of features that you can use no matter what kind of site you’re building. Here are some of the things you can do:

1. Make and Show Custom Lists of Posts

A custom list of posts encourages users to read more posts related to your list content, which helps keep them on your site. Also, making one with Toolset is straightforward.

2. Add a Custom Search

You can add a customizable search to your custom list of posts so that it’s even easier for your users to find what interests them.

3. Templates for Single Posts and More

It’s easy to create templates for single-post pages for any type of content.

4. Creating & Using WPBakery Page Builder Templates

You can use Total’s bundled plugins, Templatera and WPBakery, to create dynamic templates that you can assign globally to apply the layout you want.

5. Take Control of Your Archive Pages

Toolset and Total make it possible for you to create professional and unique layouts for each of your archives, so you can fully control the way everything looks and what other information you want to share with your users.

6. Create Custom Post Types, Fields, and Taxonomies

Custom post types are similar to default post types, but they allow you to structure your site better because you can organize related posts into similar groups.

Creating Custom WooCommerce Sites with Toolset

You can easily make an e-commerce store and control every part of the design process using Toolset and WooCommerce. Together, you can create single-product templates, a custom WooCommerce product search, custom sliders to showcase your products, and more.

Using Total & Toolset with Other Plugins

You can use Total and Toolset with many different plugins to expand your site in the direction you need it to go. Some of the top plugins that are fully compatible with both include Yoast SEO and WPML.

In conclusion, the Total theme and Toolset integration is a game-changer for WordPress users who want to build advanced websites without the need for coding or many plugins. With its powerful features and benefits, you can take your website to the next level and create a truly immersive experience for your users. Give it a try today!

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