4 Tactics to Improve the Coherence of Your Marketing Campaigns by Breaking Down PPC Silos

In today’s digital marketing landscape, it is common to find businesses struggling to execute a cohesive strategy across all channels. The lack of coordination between different marketing efforts can hinder success and prevent businesses from reaching their full potential. However, there are ways to improve the coherence of your marketing campaigns and break down PPC silos. Here are four tactics to consider:

1. Ad copy and assets: One of the first steps to improving the coherence of your marketing campaigns is to ensure that your ad copy and assets are aligned across all channels. While some businesses have dedicated creative teams or agencies to create their ads, many companies distribute generic content and expect their marketing staff to make it work. To address this issue, schedule a meeting with the paid social team to discuss and strategize how to align your platforms on key phrases and approaches. Consider creating a central repository of copy ideas and regularly share results and findings that can impact each channel.

2. Organic and paid keyword overlap: PPC and SEO have a complicated relationship, as they both target the Google SERPs but operate on different payment models. To be efficient and strategic with your ad spend, you need to identify areas of overlap between organic and paid keywords. Obtain keyword-level reports from both channels and combine the data into a table or dashboard that shows keywords targeted by PPC that also appear in organic search. Look for keywords that rank well organically but are not hitting your PPC goals. Consider pausing these keywords on paid and trust that organic will pick up the slack.

3. PPC event marketing: If your business hosts or participates in events, utilizing PPC campaigns with specific targeting can help generate additional interest and registrations. Even if you aren’t hosting an event, you can still capture high-intent keyword searches by strategically selecting keywords and implementing tight geotargeting. For example, if you have a booth at an industry conference, create a campaign that targets keywords related to the event and its location to reach potential attendees.

4. Blog content for Demand Gen campaigns: If you want to drive awareness and traffic to your website, consider aligning your PPC campaigns with your blog or content team’s editorial calendar. Blog content is great for Demand Gen campaigns on Google Ads, which are low-cost and high-reach strategies for attracting new users with enticing content. If you don’t have the resources for video content, utilize Demand Gen campaigns to promote other content types, such as blog posts.

To break down PPC silos and improve the coherence of your marketing campaigns, it is crucial to dedicate time and effort to collaborate with other teams. Schedule regular meetings or stand-ups with the rest of the marketing department to discuss and synchronize efforts. Be proactive inquiring about what other teams are working on and how you can support their success. By incorporating these tactics and fostering collaboration, you can achieve a more cohesive and effective marketing strategy across all channels.

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