Nginx: WordPress Hosting’s Best Friend

In today’s article, we will be discussing the importance of web servers in hosting and why nginx is a preferred choice for WordPress hosting. A web server is responsible for providing static content such as HTML and processing information that comes via the PHP processor and converting it to bits that travel through the network into your browser. The most popular web servers are Apache, IIS from Microsoft, and nginx.

Apache is a modular web server that has been the most popular choice since 1996. It can handle both static and dynamic content in the same worker process, making it very flexible and extensible. However, Apache’s performance has been known to be somewhat slow, and it cannot match nginx’s performance.

Nginx was created in 2002 by a programmer named Igor Sysoev, who was concerned about the C10K problem. The initial release was made public in 2004 based on an events-driven architecture. Nginx excels at providing faster content to a much higher volume of connections than Apache, making it the choice for hosting services that want to offer the best performance possible.

Nginx has several benefits over Apache when it comes to hosting WordPress sites. Firstly, it is easy to install and requires very few external modules to work. Secondly, it can work as a proxy for Apache or any other web server, providing an instant performance increase without affecting the functionality of the server. Thirdly, it can work directly with a microcache or even fastcgi cache, speeding up performance by a factor of 10. Fourthly, it is incredibly fast for serving content, especially static content. Fifthly, it can process as much as four times the amount of concurrent connections as Apache, making it ideal for high demand websites. Lastly, it is very lightweight on resources, using less CPU time and memory.

In conclusion, nginx is ideal for WordPress in almost every way. It is easy to install, provides an instant performance increase, works directly with a microcache or even fastcgi cache, is incredibly fast for serving content, can process as much as four times the amount of concurrent connections as Apache, and is very lightweight on resources. High-quality hosting companies such as WP Engine and Flywheel already run on nginx, and if you are going to go with a different hosting company, make sure to do your research or ask a support tech if the web server stack includes nginx.

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