WordPress 6.3 Begins Development for Gutenberg Phase 2 Conclusion

The development of WordPress 6.3 has officially begun and the team is already hard at work on a list of exciting new features that will be included in the upcoming major release. This release will mark the end of Phase 2 of the Gutenberg project, with a focus on improving customization features and making them more user-friendly.

Anne McCarthy, co-lead of the WordPress 6.3 Editor Triage, recently published a roadmap to the upcoming release. According to McCarthy, WordPress 6.3 aims to make it easier for users to edit pages, manage navigation, and adjust styles directly in the Site Editor. It will also provide users with detailed and relevant information when exploring different parts of the site, such as displaying the number of posts per page when viewing relevant blog templates.

In addition to polishing and wrapping up Phase 2, McCarthy’s post outlines several new features that will be included in WordPress 6.3. Some of the highlights include:

These are just a few of the user-facing features that may be included in WordPress 6.3. The roadmap includes many more items, screenshots, and quick demos. However, McCarthy cautions that while these features are being actively pursued, they may not all make it into the final release.

Matías Ventura, the Gutenberg Lead Architect, will be leading the development of WordPress 6.3. Beta 1 is expected to be released on June 27, 2023, with RC 1 following on July 18. The general release is scheduled for August 8.

Overall, WordPress 6.3 promises to be an exciting release for WordPress users. With a focus on improving customization features and making them more user-friendly, this release will help users create even more beautiful and functional websites with ease.

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