Weglot for WordPress Site Translation: A Guide

If you’re looking to expand your website’s reach and cater to a broader audience, translating your website into multiple languages is a great way to do so. Whether you’re running a WordPress blog, a media website, a hotel or corporate website, or even a WooCommerce shop, translating your website can help you grow your activity and increase your revenue.

Before you get started, it’s important to identify your current visitors and select languages to target. You can use Google Analytics to map who your visitors are and where they are coming from. Based on this analysis, draw up a list of targeted languages covering your current and future visitors’ languages.

When making your website multilingual, there are two key elements to look after: SEO and user experience. To ensure that your translated pages are indexed by Google, make sure that they have dedicated and unique URLs using sub-directories or sub-domains. Additionally, make sure that the source code content is translated and that hreflang tags or a sitemap are used to indicate that your website is multilingual.

To improve user experience, make sure that translated pages automatically detect visitors’ language based on their browser’s language and that the selected language remains while visiting different pages. You should also monitor translations quality for your different pages, having professional human translations for most visited pages and automatic translations for less important ones.

One way to easily translate your WordPress website is by using the Weglot Translate plugin. Once installed, Weglot will automatically detect, translate, and display the content and pages of your site into different languages. You can manage your translations, edit/replace the machine translations provided, or even order pro translations from pro agencies directly plugged-in Weglot and accessible via the dashboard.

To get started with Weglot Translate, simply install the free WordPress plugin from your WordPress Admin or directly from the Directory. Add your new languages by selecting the original language of your website and then selecting the languages you want to add to your WordPress website in the destination language section. Weglot gives you a layer of machine translation that you can choose to manually edit to set your own translation quality.

To manage and edit your translations, you can use one or both of the Weglot editing tools directly from your dashboard. You have the choice between visually editing or going through your translations list. Additionally, you can select and order professional translations from pro agencies directly plugged-in to your Weglot Dashboard.

Weglot Translate is a SaaS solution with a 10-day free trial and freemium pricing, allowing small websites to enjoy it for free. Weglot plans start at €9.90/month.

In conclusion, translating your website into multiple languages can be a great strategy to increase your activity and revenue. By choosing a solution like Weglot that also takes care of your multilingual SEO, you can ensure that your website is performing well and user-friendly for all visitors.

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