Top WordPress Beginner Mistakes

If you’re new to WordPress, you’re bound to make some mistakes. But don’t worry, even experienced users make them too. Here are 10 common mistakes to avoid:

1. Choosing the wrong platform: vs. is free and easy to create, but it’s more suitable for personal websites. requires you to buy your own hosting and install WordPress on it, but it gives you full control over your website.

2. Relying on unknown developers

Always go with an established, WordPress-approved developer for themes and plugins. Going all out on free things from unknown developers may cost you not just your time, but also money later.

3. Spending money left and right

Have a vision of what you really need for your website. All you need to get started is the domain name and web hosting. You might want to invest in your design, but things like branded emails, 5 years’ worth of registration and SSL among others might be a little bit too much to invest in right from a get-go.

4. Not having a backup

Most hosting companies are doing automatic backups for you, but nothing in the world of technology is 100%, so you should always keep your own copy. Installing a good backup platform is crucial for you, so pick one accordingly.

5. Using default URL structure

Change your permalinks settings from “Plain” to “Post name.” You will be still able to change your link in the editor, but it will look better for users and you will boost your search engine rankings as well by default.

6. Not updating default Favicon

A favicon might seem just like a little icon of your blog in a browser window, but it’s also how your visitors recognize you among other tabs they have opened. It’s your identity card and you should pay attention to building your brand.

7. Forgetting about your security

Using login with both username and password “Admin” is very dangerous since it will be the first try for anybody trying to get to your website and that makes you an easy target. You should absolutely avoid “admin” as a login or password. A strong password doesn’t guarantee absolute security, but it builds the first line of defense against unwanted guests.

8. Ignoring updates

If you are using .org version of WordPress, you will need to manage updates by yourself. WordPress notifies users when their site is up for and update, but we all know that feeling when we are updating our systems and hoping for the best. Although if your site is coded properly, it will take only one click in most cases and there will be nothing to be afraid of. You should still back up all your content before an update.

9. Forgetting about SEO

You should still update your meta settings. SEO is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your website. Yoast SEO is a very effective plugin that will help you get more visitors from search engines.

10. Not having contact form

As your site grows, your readers will try to encounter with you. You can often get valuable questions, suggestions or just encouraging words. JetPack can sort that out for you as well. It comes with a free and easy to user contact form.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’re aware of these common mistakes, hopefully you can keep from making them when starting up your WordPress blog. But don’t stop learning now – checkout our blog for even more WordPress tips and tricks that you can use to become a WordPress guru!

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