The Latest Algorithm by Google for Multilingual Page Titles

Google is constantly improving its search algorithms to provide the best and fastest answers to search queries. A recent update affects multilingual WordPress sites, changing how Google handles multilingual and transliterated page titles. Google will now change the title in search results if it is written in a different language or script from the primary content on the page. Google recommends choosing page titles that match the language and script of the webpage. This update does not change the importance of including keywords in title tags for SEO. Running a multilingual website requires separate pages for each language, and title tags need to correspond with the primary language of each page. To update page titles in WordPress, install an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO. Tips for writing good page titles include keeping them short, relevant, including target keywords at the beginning, avoiding spammy tactics, and keeping them consistent with the primary text on the page. Experiment with different page titles to see what works best, but make changes gradually and consider hiring a translation professional if necessary.

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