Simple Twitter Cards for WordPress with TCWP Plugin

Learn How to Use TCWP Plugin to Enhance Your Twitter Marketing

If you are looking for a way to improve your Twitter marketing, then you need to know about Twitter Cards. Twitter Cards are a way of adding enriched content to your tweets, and there are currently seven types of Twitter Cards available. These include Summary Card, Summary Card with a Large Image, Photo Card, Gallery Card, App Card, Player Card, and Product Card. Using Twitter Cards can help you to increase engagement with your tweets and drive more traffic to your website.

To make the most of Twitter Cards, you need to use the TCWP plugin. This premium WordPress plugin is designed to help you create and manage Twitter Cards on your site’s posts and pages. TCWP is fully automated, meaning that it can run independently of user input. However, if you want to customize your Twitter Cards, TCWP also offers a range of developer features.

Using TCWP is easy. Once you have activated the plugin on your WordPress blog, you will see a new menu item beneath settings. This links to the TCWP options panel, where you can set global settings for card generation and the card for your site’s front page.

The great thing about TCWP is that it is fully integrated with native WordPress. This means that there are only four default values that you need to fill in, and TCWP will use WordPress’ post data to automatically populate the relevant meta tags in your posts’ head. This makes it easy to generate valid Twitter Cards for all of your posts and pages.

If you want to customize your Twitter Cards further, you can use the TCWP metabox on individual posts and pages. This interface allows you to configure every aspect of your post’s card, including the card type, image, and description.

To help you get started with TCWP, here is a breakdown of the options available on the TCWP dashboard:


– Disable Twitter Cards Globally: This is the master switch controlling card creation on all posts and pages.

– Twitter Account Associated with Blog: This is the account of the website itself.

– Default Author Twitter Username: This is the default value which will be used for the author account if it hasn’t been specified on the post options.

– Default Twitter Card Description: This is used as a card’s description if the post/page has no content and you haven’t specified a custom description in the TCWP metabox.

– Default Card Type: You can choose from Summary, Summary with Large Image, or Photo cards as the default.


– Enable Generic Twitter Card?: This option turns the home page card on and off.

– Card Type: Choose any card type for your home page.

– Generic Card Creator: The account to be accredited as the author.

– Generic Card Description: This is used as the card’s description for the home page.

– Default Card Image: You can upload an image directly from the options panel here.


– Envato Purchase Code: By activating your copy of TCWP, you enable automatic updates for it on your blog.

In conclusion, using Twitter Cards is a great way to enhance your Twitter marketing. By using the TCWP plugin, you can easily create and manage Twitter Cards on your site’s posts and pages. Whether you want to run TCWP fully automated or customize your Twitter Cards further, TCWP has everything you need to get started.

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