Pinterest introduces new AI ad tools to enhance advertising capabilities

Pinterest is taking its advertising capabilities to the next level with the introduction of new AI-powered ad tools and measurement partnerships. The company is investing in generative AI capabilities to create more engaging and personalized ad formats, as well as automate campaign optimization.

One of the exciting innovations from Pinterest is the launch of its “Ad Labs” program. This program allows the company to test prototypes, including personalized background generation using its visual search AI. This means that Product Pins can now have aesthetically tailored lifestyle backgrounds, enhancing the overall appeal of the ads.

Another interesting feature being tested is interactive, shoppable collage ads. These ads allow users to curate brand imagery and have shown strong engagement in early tests. Brands like John Lewis, Wayfair, and Bumble are among the first to test these collage ads.

In addition to these new ad formats, Pinterest is also expanding its brand safety validation through partnerships with measurement firms IAS and DoubleVerify. This ensures that advertisers can have confidence in the safety of their ads, with 99% of measurable ad impressions rated as brand safe during testing.

The AI-powered updates from Pinterest aim to improve performance, personalization, efficiency, brand safety, and provide unique experiences for advertisers. The company’s closed beta program, Pinterest Performance+, uses automation and AI to optimize campaigns for better cost efficiency. Early tests have already shown improvements of over 10% in cost per acquisition for conversion campaigns. Additionally, campaign setup time has been reduced by 50% thanks to automated inputs.

Brands like Wayfair are excited about the potential of these new ad tools. Wayfair’s Sandro Corsaro, an early Ad Labs partner, believes that collage ads provide a unique opportunity to take customers from inspiration to action with a single ad creative.

However, it’s important to note that collage ads are initially limited to select brands like Nike, Wayfair, and NYX Cosmetics. Pinterest plans to expand this offering to more advertisers in the future.

Pinterest’s focus on automation and personalization at scale sets it apart from other social media platforms. As the company continues to invest in AI-powered upgrades, advertisers can expect even more innovative features and improved performance in the future.

Overall, Pinterest’s introduction of new AI ad tools and measurement partnerships demonstrates its commitment to enhancing its advertising capabilities and providing advertisers with effective ways to reach its audience. With these advancements, brands can expect better performance, personalized experiences, and improved brand safety on the platform.

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