Hide WordPress Homepage Posts: A Guide

WordPress is a popular platform for bloggers and website owners, and most themes are set up to display the latest blog posts on the front page. However, there are times when you may want to hide certain posts from your homepage. In this article, we will explore some reasons why bloggers want to hide posts and how to accomplish this task quickly and easily.

Reasons to Hide Posts

There are several reasons why you may want to hide a post from your homepage. For example, you may have different types of posts on your blog, and you want to highlight the more valuable content on your homepage. Alternatively, you may have written a controversial post that you don’t want to be the first thing visitors see. You may also want to feature only your own posts or posts from a specific category.

Creating Pages

One way to prevent certain posts from appearing on your homepage is to create a new page instead of a post. You can then select where you want this page to appear and modify your menus so that it does not appear as a link on the homepage. This method is quick and easy but only works if the content has not been created yet and you do not anticipate needing to do this frequently.

Using WP Hide Post Plugin

The easiest way to exclude posts from the homepage is by using a plugin. One free option is the WP Hide Post plugin, which allows you to hide posts from select pages. Once installed, you can remove the post from your site’s homepage, applicable category pages, tag pages, archive pages, and even site-wide search results or dedicated author pages. You can also hide the post from your RSS feed. This plugin can be used to hide posts on any of your custom post types as well.

Manually Hiding Categories

If you want to hide an entire category from your homepage, you can do this using the WP Hide Post plugin or by adding a bit of code into your child theme functions.php file or via the Code Snippets plugin. You create a dedicated category for the posts you want to hide, jot down the category ID, and paste the code at the end of the file. This code will prevent your chosen category from showing up on your site’s homepage.


With the ability to hide certain posts from your WordPress site’s homepage, you can create more of the posts you want without cluttering up your site. Whether you want to highlight your valuable content, avoid controversial topics, or feature posts from a specific category, there are several ways to accomplish this task quickly and easily. By using plugins or manually hiding categories, you can customize your homepage to suit your needs and preferences.

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