Facebook Tips to Boost Your WordPress Site’s Performance

Facebook is a powerful platform with over 1.7 billion active users that can help businesses reach new customers and drive targeted traffic to their websites. However, it is not as simple as just posting content and hoping for the best. Business owners must keep up-to-date with Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms to harness its power effectively. Fortunately, there are several proven and effective strategies that businesses can deploy to ensure they enjoy the widest reach possible.

Tip #1: Create a Facebook Profile and Business Page

Creating a Facebook profile and business page is an obvious step, but many businesses have yet to venture into the world of Facebook. As of April 2015, only 41% of US small businesses were using Facebook for marketing. In addition, many small business owners use their personal profile rather than a dedicated business page to advertise on Facebook despite the many benefits of using a business page.

Tip #2: Add Social Share and Follow Buttons to Your Site

One way to boost reach is to have more people like your page. Businesses can make it easy for their readers to like their Facebook page (and other social media accounts) by adding social follow buttons to their website. In addition to adding new followers, another way to boost reach is to encourage visitors to share content on their profiles with social share buttons.

Tip #3: Set Up Your Site to Post to Facebook Automatically

Setting up your site to automatically post to Facebook saves time and hassle. This can be done through Jetpack’s Publicize module or through plugins like Facebook Auto Publish.

Tip #4: Add Open Graph Meta Tags to Your Site

Adding Open Graph (OG) tags allows businesses to take control over how their content appears by identifying the different parts of their content, such as the title, description, and image.

Tip #5: Join and Create Groups on Facebook

Joining and contributing to Facebook groups that are relevant to a business is one way to create new connections and generate leads. Businesses might also consider creating their own group to establish themselves as an authority figure in their area of business.

Tip #6: Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be deployed at a very modest cost and can be highly targeted based on things like age, location, and interests.

Tip #7: Stay Up to Speed with Facebook’s Updates

The Facebook landscape is constantly changing, so it is important to stay up to date with what’s happening. Subscribing to Facebook News and other social media news sites can help businesses stay informed.

In conclusion, Facebook offers a huge pool of potential customers for businesses. However, with so many businesses vying for the attention of Facebook users, it is easy to get lost in the sea of profiles, pages, and posts. Employing these proven strategies can help businesses make Facebook work its magic for their sites.

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