Easy WordPress Backup & Restore with VaultPress

Backing up data is crucial to ensure that important information is not lost in case of computer crashes or disasters like fires. The author of the article has always been diligent in backing up everything, including computers, websites, and important papers. To back up computers, the author uses a combination of cloud storage and Time Machine. For WordPress websites, the author recommends using VaultPress, a backup service introduced by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.

VaultPress offers three packs: Lite, Basic, and Premium. The Lite pack is suitable for small websites, while the Basic and Premium packs are better for larger websites with more visitors. The Lite pack costs only $5 per month, making it an affordable option for website owners.

To subscribe to VaultPress, users need to link their WordPress.org account and fill out a form. After successful payment, users are asked to enter FTP credentials, which will be used to recover the website in case of a disaster. The next step is to install the VaultPress plugin on the website and register the key.

Once the key is registered, the backup process starts, which can take some time. Users can then access their VaultPress dashboard to manage their backups. The dashboard has five main sections and can be configured to give access to other users with a WordPress.com account.

In conclusion, backing up data is essential to prevent loss of important information. VaultPress offers an affordable and easy-to-use backup service for WordPress websites. The registration process and installation are straightforward, and the service features can be explored in more detail in the next part of the article. Users are encouraged to share their experiences with VaultPress by leaving a comment.

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