Adding Custom Cart Discounts to WooCommerce: A Guide

Personalized Cart Discounts: A Powerful Marketing Tool for WooCommerce Stores

Discounts are a popular marketing technique used by many WooCommerce stores to attract customers. However, offering too many discounts can negatively impact a store’s branding. This is where personalized cart discounts come in. Personalized discounts are given only to certain customers, making them feel special and valued. In this article, we will explore the benefits of personalized cart discounts and how to implement them using a dynamic pricing plugin for WooCommerce.

What are Personalized Cart Discounts?

Personalized cart discounts are discounts that are offered only to certain customers based on their cart value or purchase history. These discounts are not offered in bulk and are tailored to specific customers, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Why are Personalized Cart Discounts Effective?

Personalized cart discounts offer several benefits to WooCommerce stores:

1. Increase customer loyalty and retention: By offering personalized discounts, customers feel good about their shopping experience and are more likely to return to the store to earn more benefits.

2. Attract larger orders and bulk buyers: Cart discounts encourage customers to make larger purchases in order to gain savings, which increases the store’s average order value.

3. Encourage new product trials: Personalized discounts can be used to encourage customers to try out new products.

4. Ward off bargain hunters: Since cart discounts are not made obvious until a customer adds products to their cart, they can be used to target loyal or genuine customers rather than bargain hunters.

5. Reduce cart abandonment: Offering discounts right away can encourage customers to make a purchase and reduce the cart abandonment and restore cycle.

6. Reward first-time buyers: Special discounts for guests or first-time buyers can improve their experience and encourage them to return to the store.

7. Maintain brand identity: By limiting the extent of the discounts, stores can maintain their brand image while still rewarding genuine buyers and loyal customers.

How to Offer Personalized Discounts with WooCommerce?

Personalized discounts can be offered using a dynamic pricing plugin for WooCommerce. One such plugin is Wisdm Customer Specific Pricing, which lets stores create multiple pricing tiers to offer discounts on purchase quantity, set unique prices for first-time buyers, groups, user roles, import/export prices, and more. Here’s how to offer personalized discounts using this plugin:

1. Create Cart Discount Rules: Under the plugin settings, head to CSP > Cart Discounts and allow percentage discounts. Set the minimum cart value and discount value for first-time buyers, existing buyers, or guest users.

2. Limit Applicable Discount: Set a maximum discount value allowed to limit the total discount awarded to certain customers.

3. Set Exclusions: Set exclusions for certain products, categories, or users who don’t have any benefits.

4. Notify Customers of Savings: Use an option in the plugin to notify customers of the savings they will receive if they add more products to their cart.

Personalized Offers with User Roles and Purchase History

ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin offers extensive options to set up personalized discounts based on user roles or purchase history. Stores can create several discount options based on products, categories, cart conditions, combinations, and more. Here’s how to offer personalized discounts using this plugin:

1. Set up a New Product Discount Rule: Set up a new product discount rule based on specific products and quantity ranges.

2. Allow Offer to be Applied Only to Specific User Roles: Select the user roles you want to offer the discounts, and only those customers will be able to see the offer in store.

3. Restrict Offer Based on Purchase History: Enter a value for the minimum number of orders or minimum amount purchased. Only those customers who have purchased more than the threshold values will be able to avail the offer.

Personalized cart discounts can make any WooCommerce store dynamic and exciting, attracting buyers and keeping them engaged. By tailoring discounts to specific customers, stores can increase customer loyalty and retention, attract larger orders and bulk buyers, encourage new product trials, ward off bargain hunters, reduce cart abandonment, reward first-time buyers, and maintain brand identity. All it takes is a dynamic pricing plugin to add this functionality to your store.

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