6 Best Grammar Checkers for WordPress

In today’s digital age, where content is king, it’s essential to ensure that your writing is free of errors. A single typo can turn off your visitors or even cost you money. In fact, according to Reader’s Digest, the most expensive typo blunder cost $543 million! To avoid such costly mistakes, it’s crucial to use a grammar checker. In this article, we’ll take a look at six WordPress grammar checkers that can help you improve your writing.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar checkers on the internet. It’s an artificial-intelligence based freemium writing assistant that offers extensions for Google Chrome 57+, Safari 12+, Firefox 54+, and Microsoft Edge 14+. While it doesn’t have a WordPress plugin, Grammarly can proofread your text and give suggestions to improve your writing on your WordPress posts and pages. The tool underlines your mistakes in red color and shows the number of suggestions by the tool. Grammarly Premium also provides you additional suggestions to improve your writing style and overall readability. It even has a plagiarism checker that works well. For most basic proofreading, though, the free version of the tool will suffice.

One major issue with Grammarly is its extension conflicts with the Gutenberg editor, so you’ll need to resort to the text editor for using it. Compared with other tools on our list, its premium version is also expensive.

2. WProofreader

WProofreader is a multilingual spell checker and editor that can integrate with any modern WYSIWYG editor. The company offers an add-on for rich text editors and a relatively expensive business product for Chrome. Even the free version offers spell checks in 6 languages and can process up to 50 thousand words a day. Further, it works with all the Gutenberg blocks on your screen — so you don’t have to click on each one separately for working through your text. If you don’t prefer editing in the instant mode where the plugin highlights your mistakes as you type, you can use the dialog proofreading mode. This second kind of mode lets you edit all the text at once in a separate pop-up window.

As it’s built for rich editors first, you can even enable the plugin on your custom post types by adding a filter in your theme’s function.php file. The plugin’s premium version checks spelling in 150 languages — even against specialized dictionaries for medical and legal industries. If you’ve security concerns with sharing the text with a proofreader, the company even offers a service license. It lets you perform all the proofreading requests on your own servers.

3. Ginger

Ginger is a top Grammarly alternative that works as a browser extension for Chrome and Safari. It highlights your grammar mistakes, punctuation, contextual spelling, and other errors. Among other notable features, the software also has a sentence rephraser and a translator. Once installed on your browser, it works similar to Grammarly on a WordPress post or page. It shows up in the bottom right corner of your page as a tiny icon with your writing mistakes highlighted in red. If you click on the “Edit in Ginger” button, the Ginger editor opens up where you can edit the text block you prompted to edit. Its sentence rephraser could be handy if you get stuck with repetitive phrasing in your article.

You get limited grammar checking, synonyms, and no translator in the free version. It won’t even check your writing for grammar rules like subject-verb agreement. So you’ll need to buy the premium version to get the real benefits of Ginger.

4. E-Prime Grammar Checker

E-Prime is a version of the English language that excludes all the forms of the verb to be. It’s a technique to clarify thinking by eliminating the passive voice and can make your writing stronger. The WordPress plugin by metapult checks your text in real-time and notifies you when you fail to comply with the E-prime standard. While E-prime doesn’t check for grammar rules, it’s an open source software. It’s a great free addition to your toolkit for editing conversion copy. You’ll need to use another grammar checker or manually proofread your text to take care of the grammar.

5. Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is a browser-based app for editing your writing and specifically improving its readability. It’s a free tool that checks and highlights the adverbs, difficult to read sentences, passive voice, and the like in your writing. The tool’s premise is to make your writing “bold and clear”, so it doesn’t check grammar. However, you can rely on it for better phrasing of sentences, simpler alternatives to complex writing, and generally making your articles more engaging. There isn’t a WordPress plugin for the free app, so you’ll need to manually copy and paste your text inside the tool, check for errors, and edit back the original WordPress post.

6. LanguageTool

LanguageTool is another sleek writing assistant that checks your text for grammar, spelling, and writing style. Its free version can check up to 10k characters per text for 25 languages. While a WordPress plugin isn’t available, you can copy-paste your text on the tool’s homepage. It will mark your writing issues and instantly show an explanation and replacements if you hover over the errors. Its Chrome extension lets you check writing for errors on apps and sites across the web, including WordPress editor.

How To Integrate A WordPress Grammar Checker In Your Publishing Workflow?

There’s no way to grammar check the complete text of your WordPress website at a time. So you can consider integrating a proofreading software check when you update content or upload new content. While WordPress plugins are available for some of these softwares, they will hamper your content creation efficiency because getting errors highlighted as you type is distracting. So an external writing software could enhance your productivity.

If you still prefer directly drafting articles through the WordPress dashboard, the WProofreader plugin could nicely integrate into your workflow. If you like writing in Google Docs, you can consider using the Grammarly browser extension to check your writing. The Wordable plugin could then come in handy to upload the final version of your drafts to WordPress.

Final Thoughts

As a content creator, grammar and spelling errors hurt your credibility. A suitable grammar checker can not only fix your typos and other mistakes but make your writing elegant and clearer. It will also make for a quick proofreading tool even when you’re in a hurry to press publish. But remember that a tool can’t replace manual proofreading. If you can’t hire a professional, ask a friend to read your text, or get another human eye to check your writing.

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